The 4Sevens Preon Revo is an updated version of the Preon 1. The ReVO keeps the same interface and AAA battery as the Preon 1, but makes several changes to make it even better. The XP-G R5 LED of the Preon 1 is swapped for an XP-E R2 LED for better throw in such a small light. Knurling and other grippy features are added to make the light easier to hold. Extra material is removed wherever possible, making the ReVO even smaller than the Preon 1. Finally, a substantial attachment is added to give the light a better way to attach a keyring.

I really liked the Preon 1 before, so the ReVO with all its improvements is even more impressive. If you want a tiny light for your pocket that can still light up a backyard, the ReVO is very hard to beat. It is also available in stainless steel, assuming we do not sell out in a couple of hours like the first time we had them.