Klarus is new on the flashlight scene, but they arrived with some really cool lights as their first models. Their models cover the regular battery configurations, AA (ST10), 2 x AA (ST20), CR123 (NT10) and 2 x CR123 (NT20), meaning that you can set yourself up with whatever configuration you prefer.  The lights make great outdoor or general use lights, with their dual switches and great interface.  The rear switch will give you momentary activation and reliable operation, while the head switch switches modes.  You can loosen the head for even more modes and hold the head switch in any mode to get instant access to strobe.  Of all the strobe options I have seen, this is probably the best.  It isn’t in the way for people who hate flashing modes, but it is right there ready to go for people who want strobe.

When you are in the middle of nowhere and need super high output, you have it, but when you need to save battery life or are up close to what you are illuminating, you have that too, along with plenty of outputs in between.  SOS is in there too for when you crawl in a cave looking for shelter and find Bigfoot looking non too happy that you interrupted his nap.