The Klarus Mi10 SS is an itty bitty AAA powered light that has some nice features to make it a good outdoor or pocket carry light. The small size means that it fits in your pack or pocket without notice or excessive weight. Compact doesn’t mean dim though, since the light can crank out 80 lumens on high. Low is 2 lumens and medium is 20 lumens, rounding out the three outputs that will cover most lighting needs, as long as you are not trying to spot targets at 300 yards.

A nice nerdy feature of this light is that all three modes are current controlled, which eliminates the PWM, or the rapid flashing that many regulated lights use to control the output. Most lights ten times the size of this light are not current controlled, making the Mi10s circuitry even more impressive. If that made your eyes completely glaze over, here is a video with some shiny stuff: