Just kidding, you can’t get rid of me that easily, so postpone your e-parties.

I signed a three year lease on Thursday for a retail store in Smyrna, GA. What does this mean for you? On the Going Gear side, I’ll be at least doubling my product selection, more likely tripling it over the next few months. Having room to store stuff will be life changing. We haven’t seen our kitchen table since before Thanksgiving.

On the Going Prepared side, I’ll be spending some time making the forums look good again and then directing store traffic there once everything is truly fixed. I know that opening a store seems like it would sap all my free time, but having a couple of employees is going to be a ridiculously wonderful thing. I spend pretty much all of my awake time shipping orders and responding to customer emails and forum posts, so having at least the shipping part off my back will free me up to do the things I need to do to expand the business. Expect more blog posts, videos, and the other stuff I actually enjoy doing.