Olight SR90 and Its Ridiculous 2200 Lumens

olightsr90The new Olight SR90 Intimidator is in stock and shipping. Olight went all out with the SR90, creating a light geared toward search and rescue and other emergency services with its blistering 2200 lumens. This is definitely no backpacking light, weighing 55 oz and measuring over a foot in length. That size combined with a massive reflector gets you a light that can shine a beam up to a kilometer away, which is quite impressive to see in person. I tried putting the SR90 to its limit and just couldn’t find an area big enough near my house. I need to go climb a mountain and shine it down into a valley to really see what it can do.

The SR90 is powered by a custom battery pack that can be charged on or off the light. The light has three modes, high (2200 lumens), low (700 lumens), and strobe. Admittedly, a low of 700 lumens is not really very low, but you don’t buy this light to preserve your night vision.