New 4Sevens Lights in Stock

I moseyed on over to the 4Sevens offices last week to pick up the rest of their flashlight line. The have some pretty cool new lights, so I was excited to get my hands on them.

quarkrgbThe Mini 123 and Mini AA are tiny little lights that use the latest and greatest LEDs, meaning that you get ridiculous amounts of light in a compact package. They both come in cool and warm tints, in aluminum or titanium bodies.

The Preon series runs off of AAA batteries and comes in titanium, black, yellow, blue, and red. They have smooth finishes instead of the knurling that you find on the rest of the 4Sevens lights, meaning that they look great next to a classy pen in the pocket of a dress shirt.

By far the coolest lights to me are the Quark RGB lights. They feature a four die LED like the big and bright 700 lumen lights, but instead of all being the same color, the LEDs are white, red, green, and blue. When the head is tightened, the light is always white. Loosening and the tightening the head switches between red, green, and blue. There is not much in the way of a reflector, so the light is very floody, which is a nice change from the glut of thrower lights on the market. I am constantly finding excuses to use the light just to mess with the different colors.