Firesteel comparison video

I talk about several different firesteels available in the market, so I made a video this afternoon comparing a few of the models that can be found relatively easily. I included the Light My Fire Scout model, a blank firesteel from, and a Blastmatch.

You’ll notice in the video that the LMF Scout ignites the lint on the first strike. The other few takes, I couldn’t get the lint to light even after 10 or so strikes with the firesteel. The other two firesteels lit the lint within the first two strikes, every time I tested them. The Scout’s shorter length and crappy striker make it simply not as consistent as the other two, so keep that in mind when watching the video.

My girl said that watching me make this video was the cutest thing she had ever seen, mostly because of our mutt. As soon as I had the tripod set up, he sat just out of camera range and watched me the whole time I was playing with fire. Of course, as I was cleaning up, he promptly ate a burnt pile of dryer lint (she didn’t see that part). Half of the ball was probably his hair anyway, so it all came full circle.