Review – LowePro Slingshot 200

Thanks to Cat’s deal hunting, I am now the proud owner of a fancy new camera bag, the LowePro Slingshot 200. This is definitely a step up from my previous at home storage solution (the floor) and could also be considered better than my trip storage solution (a ziplock bag).

My first impression was that this thing has a ton of room. Here is my Pentax K10D with kit lens attached and zoom lens in the main compartment:


I obviously do not have enough camera crap, so I need to start buying more. It would be a shame to waste such a nice organizational system.

As far as comfort, the bag is great. It fits comfortable across my shoulder and adjust quickly and easily. If you want to keep it in place, there is a snap buckle strap that comes across your right side to offer more stability. Leave that unhooked and you can swing the pack around to your chest. The main compartment is arranged so that you can look down and grab what you need without having to remove the pack or have a friend rummage through your gear. I can see sweat being an issue compared to today’s high-end backpacks, but this pack was not exactly created for the hardcore outdoor market.

The zip top has a small velcro pocket that has several elastic pockets for memory cards, batteries, crack, or any other small items:


The front of the bag:


The front of the pack has a small zippered pocket that probably could have been left out. The whole concept of the pack is that you can access your camera without removing the pack from your back, and this zippered pocket is arranged in the traditional fashion by assuming that you would be accessing it while the pack is vertical. Oh well, can’t have perfection everywhere.


There is a good sized pocket above the main compartment that can hold your keys, wallet, or other random items when you are wandering around being a master photographer:


My favorite feature is the all weather cover. The bottom of the pack has a velcro closure that conceals a compartment in the back of the pack holding the cover. The people buying this pack from amazon are apparently not the brightest bulbs in the box, since amazon spells out where the cover is hidden at the top of the product page. The cover is attached, so you can just yank it over the pack when the rain hits. Here is the cover’s compartment, and the front and back of the pack with the cover:




Overall, I am very happy with the pack. It is quite large, so I am thinking about ordering the 100 just to compare the two. If I do, you can be sure to hear all about it.