County Comm has spools of Kevlar thread up on their site now at $3.50 for 50 yards. Kevlar probably needs about as much description to this audience as Gore-Tex does, but I’ll give a brief rundown for the uninitiated:

Kevlar is a super strong and durable fiber that is used in bulletproof vests, motorcycle clothing, or anywhere else extreme forces may be encountered. It is known for its lack of static stretch (less than 1%).

A whole spool should weigh very little, so this would be great to take on trips into the wilderness. You could use for tent repair, clothing repair, fishing line, snare line, etc. Shipping from County Comm is pricey for just the thread, so grab some other crap while you are there. They have lots of neat little goodies that you won’t find many other places or anywhere else at all. I would recommend adding some paracord, peanut lighters, and whatever else tickles your fancy.

For those of you that have never shopped with them before, County Comm is a reputable site. Their site looks like crap and navigation is a pain, but your order will go out quickly and they will happily take care of any issues you have.