The Maelstrom S18 is one of 4Seven’s brightest lights, as well as one of the biggest.

The S18 is powered by 6 CR123 lithium batteries which push a Luminous SST-90 LED. Those 6 batteries push the SST-90 all the way up to 1200 lumens on high. The S18 uses a unique rotary system that allows the user to quickly switch between output modes just by twisting the tail cap. The light is still powered on by pressing a button on the tail cap, but switching between modes is made much easier with the use of the rotary system.

I’m sure all of the specs sound impressive, but you really can’t get a good idea of just how bright this light is without seeing it in action. Lucky for you we attached a video below for your viewing pleasure. You may want to put on some shades before pressing play!