The Fenix LD10 (1 x AA) and LD20 (2 x AA) have been some of our best selling lights since we first picked them up two years ago. The feature simple interfaces, lots of useful modes, compact designs, long term reliability, and impressive efficiency. Even with all of that, Fenix does not just let the lights stay the same throughout their product life, but instead is constantly upgrading and refining the lights.

The newest versions have the CREE XP-G LEDs for a great looking beam and a whole lot of lumens. The LD10 is one of my emergency lights of choice since it is so efficient, reliable, and AAs are easy to find anywhere in the world. On low, you can make a single battery last for days or even weeks in the outdoors, assuming you use it for a couple of hours each night.

I made a video for these lights when I first picked up the brand and thought it was about time to look at them again since so much has changed.