The Fenix PD20 and PD30, like their AA counterparts the LD10 and LD20, have long been some of their most popular lights. The regularly update the LEDs to the latest and greatest, which means that they are now sporting the CREE XP-G R5 LED. Each LED bin upgrade from Q5 to R2 or R4 to R5 increases not just some numbers and letters, but also the lumens and efficiency of the lights.

Both models are nice and compact, with the PD20 being more so. The PD20 takes a single CR123 and the PD30 takes two. I personally like the bit larger size of the PD30 because it fits great in the hand and is quite comfortable to hold, especially when using the switch regularly. The lithium batteries make the light a great outdoor or emergency light since lithium batteries have a ten year shelf life and work great in almost any temperature.

I’m tired of typing. Here’s a video: