The HDS EDC Tactical lights have long been some of my favorite lights, which meant I was really excited when they decided to make some special editions of them with ultra durable Cerakote coatings of olive drab, tan, earth, and orange. My first choice in every piece of gear is orange, so I was smitten with that one from the first time I saw it. Losing a $200+ piece of gear becomes a lot harder with a bright orange light when setting it one on the ground or dropping it in a pile of leaves.

If you are not familiar with the HDS lights, they are legendary for their durability and flexibility. The options that you can program into the four available modes are staggering, including different outputs, multiple flashing modes, momentary activation, a locator beacon, and all kinds of other fun stuff. HDS lights are some of the few that we have that are made in the US, if that is important to you, and they all have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

The first batch sold pretty quickly, but HDS plans on keeping these in the lineup, so we should see more soon.