Maxpedition Packs and Accessories Now in Stock

maxcondorii_blkI promised lots of new brands recently, and Maxpedition is the first big one of many. If you are not familiar with Maxpedition, they are a manufacturer know for making super durable, comfortable, and versatile packs and accessories. A lot of their products lean toward the military/law enforcement market, with concealed carry pockets, PALS attachment points, etc., but they have an equal amount of products perfect for general outdoor use.

I am a big fan of the backpacker oriented brands like Gregory, Arc’Teryx, Osprey, and others, but they always leave me wanting more pockets and organization options. I can never have enough pockets. If I had a backpack with five hundred pockets, I would still strap on an exterior pouch or two.  Maxpedition is very strong in this area, giving you all sorts of pocket, pouch, and accessory options to add to your current gear to make it more versatile.

I started out with about fifty items from them, but eventually intend to carry the majority of their line. If there is anything you want in particular, just let me know.