I wonder how many of us that are prepared for SHTF scenarios are prepared for eventualities that have a higher probability. How many of us are in good physical shape? My worrying about my pack weight does not make a whole lot of sense when I could lose 10-15 lbs of weight that doesn’t disappear when I take the pack off.

How about good financial shape? Will you be able to provide for your family in the future? Do you live paycheck to paycheck now? Do you try to save any of your income for possible emergencies? I know I could do a better job with managing my money (or at least that’s what my accountant tells me).



I will admit that I am not perfect, by any means, in any of these areas, but I am working on all of them. I tend to spend far, far more time on those things than on building a disaster kit. Granted, I have a store full of the stuff necessary to build a couple hundred gear bags, so I probably have less to worry about than most, but I still hope people think about being prepared for the things that WILL happen instead of just the things that might.

I’m not saying stop building kits, because you might need it someday and it is a good, fun exercise. Just don’t devote your life to it. If you do, at least earn a living off of it like I do.

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