I am on a lot of forums, so I see the full range of knife enthusiasm. I have seen pictures of guys on Bladeforums that will take 5-10 knives on each trip, mostly to try out different styles. I have also see people on ultralight backpacking forums insist that all you need is a SAK Classic.

I myself am somewhere in between. I usually have my 4″ fixed blade Sparky and a ~3″ folding knife (Benchmade Griptillian these days). I find that those two knives can do everything that I want and like to do in the woods. Most tasks are covered by the folder, but every now and then I use the fixed for fire starting, batoning, etc. I probably could do all of that with the folder, but not 100% safely.

I’m interested to see what you all take for knives when in the woods. One? None? Five hundred? Of course, the right number is the one that makes you feel comfortable and prepared, but that number is different for each person. What is yours? Discuss in the comments or on the forum.