2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are rapidly approaching. We thought we’d help you out with some last minute ideas for the gear junkie or outdoor enthusiast in your life. Here are some of our favorite items from this year that we would love to see while we’re tearing into presents.


These are great low cost gifts for everyone will appreciate.

Field Notes Lunacy

Field Notes Lunacy: $12.95

The Field Notes Lunacy edition is the 32nd Quarterly Edition for Fall 2016, and by far one of the coolest editions we have ever seen. Each notebook features a die-cut, embossed matte finish cover with a printed inlay of a different phase of the moon. Combine that with the dot graph paper, and these things are a perfect stocking stuffer for those that like to write or sketch on the go. Hurry, once these are gone, they won’t be coming back to earth.

Fisher Space pen

Fisher Space Pen: $10 – $150

Nothing goes better with a Field Notes Brand notebook than a Fisher Space Pen. The original pens with preasureized cartrigdes, first designed for Nasa missions, these pens guarantee to write everywhere, even upside-down. Fisher offers a bunch of different models from the tiny $10 Stowaway to the $150 Black Titanium Infinium that is equiped with a lifetime of ink. In between tought, are the popular Bullet models that  provide great looks and all the Fisher perks at a great price.

Icebreaker Socks

Icebreaker Socks: $14 – $24

When I fist starting dating my wife, my now mother-in-law handed me an awesome stocking an our First Christmas together. It was full of cool and useful little gadgets, some mini bottles of some tasty libations, chocolate, clementines, and an awesome pair of outdoor hiking socks. I’ve had a repeat of this stocking every year for the past 10 years, and every year the one thing I’m looking for the most is that new pair of good socks. There’s nothing quite like a pair of new socks, or a pair of clean socks if you’re out on a multi-day trip. Icebreaker has always used their Merino wool to create great socks for any season and any activity. Be like my mother-in-law. Buy your friends and family some socks, and they will love you forever.


Nite Ize

Nite Ize: $1.99 to $59.99 (Most products are less $10 or less)

Nite Ize makes a thing for everything. If you’ve got a need, they’ve got a gadget for it. From organization to lighting, they’ve got you covered.


Lifestraw Personal Water Filter: $14.95 (on sale)

The Lifestraw is one of the smallest, cheapest, and easiest to use water filters on the market, Just remove the caps on both ends and bend down to get yourself a drink. Res assured you’ll be drinking clean water as it removes at least 99.99% of all bacteria and protozoa that can inhabit your water source.

Uncle Bills Tweezers

Uncle Bill’s Tweezers: $6.99

We have trouble keeping Uncle Bill’s Tweezers on the shelf, and with good reason. These are the best tweezers you will ever use. The super sharp tips and interior gripping surface mean they can latch onto the tiniest of slivers. Plus, they’ve got a clip so they can be securely carried with you without opening.


CRKT Knives: $19.95 – $39.95

A quality knife is always a good stocking stuffer, but they don’t always carry that stocking stuffer price-tag. This year is a little different though. This year, we’ve got some great CRKT knifes for under $40.


Morakniv Eldris

Morakniv Eldris: $24.95

One of the coolest, toughest little knives we’ve seen in a while, the Morakniv Eldris is a compact fixed blade that can and will stand up to all the tasks of your full sized fixed blades. Available in four colors, the Morakniv Eldris features a grippy almost full-sized rubberized handle, and a 2.3 inch stainless steel blade.

Victorinox Classic SD

Victorinox Classic SD: $20.00

This is not only the first pocket knife I ever owned, but I got it in my stocking on Christmas morning. The Classic SD is a perfect first knife for the little outdoorsman or outdoorswoman in your life. It features blade, sciscors, nail file/screwdriver, tweezers, and a toothpick.

Numyth Vulcan Fire Piston

Numyth Vulcan Fire Piston: $39.95

The Numyth Fire Piston is an awesome tool for those of you that like to build fires without matches or lighters. This is definitely an acquired skill, and one that is extremely rewarding. The Vulcan Fire Piston uses air compression to create an ember, and is probably one of the coolese ways to start a fire.

AMK Travel Medic

AMK Travel Medic: $12.00

It may not be glamorous, but it’s an essential piece of kit for anyone that spends time outdoors. The AMK Travel Medic is one of our favorite single user first aid and it contains an assortment of bandages, blister and burn Moleskin pads, safety pins, medicines, alcohol wipes, and antibiotic ointment.


Now we’re into those big gifts for that special someone that deserves a little more. Whether they’re an avid hiker, an EDC junkie, or a total flashaholic, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for them.

Olight S Mini

Olight S Mini: $56.95 – $79.96

The Olight S Mini is probably the gift of the season, just like the Limited Edition S1 Baton’s were the big gifts of last season. These new Limited Edition S Minis are 10% smaller and 10% brighter (550 lumens) than their S1 brethren. They also come in three new finishes, Stainless Steel (Thunder Gray), Black Copper, and Rainbow PVD, as well as the old favorites, Raw Copper, Rose Gold, Polished Titanium, Bead Blasted Titanium, and Raw Brass. Get them while they last, because once they’re gone, they won’t we back.

Olight S1A

Olight S1A: $56.95 – $64.95

If you’re not completely sold on the S Mini, maybe the Limited Editions S1A flashlights are more your style. These lights offer the same great looks as the S Minis in three finishes, Stainless Steel (Thunder Gray), Raw Copper, and Rose Gold, with the convenience of a AA battery. If you use a rechargeable Olight Li-ion 14500 battery in the light, you can access a second turbo mode at 600 lumens. Not to worry if you’ve just got AA batteries laying around, you’ll stil have a handy 220 lumen AA flashlight with a magnetic tailcap for hands-free convenience.

Olight S1R

Olight S1R & S2R: $64.95 – $72.95

Still not sold on one of the Limited Edition Olight flashlights? If you’re more into straight up features and function, and less into shiny finishes, we understand. In that case, we’ve’ got the Olight S1R and S2R. The S1R comes in two models, the 900 lumen cool white version, and the 800 lumen neutral white version, both running off or RCR123  batteries. The S2R has 1020 lumens and runs off of a single rechargeable 18650 battery. Both the S1R and S25 charge via a magnetic USB cable that attaches to the tail cap of the light making them exceedingly convenient little EDC lights.

Osprey Atmos

Osprey Atmos: $199 – $260

If you’re looking for a pack for a backpacker in your life, look no further than the Osptrey Atmos. Available in both 50 and 65 liter capacities, the Atmos has enough room to tackle the longest through hikes, and is light and compressible enough for day-hiking.

Katadyn Hiker Pro

Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter: $79.95

For the avid backpacker or the always prepared, it’s tough to find a water filter that fits into the sweet spot of size and performance as well as the Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter. The Hiker Pro is capable or removing particles, protozoa, and bacteria down to 0.2 microns in size, meaning you’ve got safe drinking water wherever you are. The Hiker Pro will also connect straight to your hydration bladder or Nalgene bottle, and the one liter per minute filtrations speeds will have them full in no time.


Zero Tolerance 0450 & 0450CF: $160 – $180

The ZT 0450s are probably two or our most popular knives ever. Their sleek design and smooth action make them a great choice for EDC. With premium materials like the carbon fiber, titanium, and S35VN blade steel, these knives not only look good, but will stand up to a lot of use and abuse.

MecArmy SGN7

MecArmy SGN7: $65.90

With the SGN7, MecArmy has really pushed the limits of a keychain light. The SGN7 has an output of 550 lumens, a personal alarm to deter attackers and alert others around you, and it can be used as a power bank to provide a charge to your devices in a pinch. The SGN7 is available in a number of colors and finishes.

MecArmy PT60

MecArmy PT60: $299.90

The MecArmy PT60 is currently the brightest light we stock here with 9600 lumens. This monster 4 x 18650 battery pack flashlight has 16 (SIXTEEN!) CREE XP-G2 S4 LEDs! Sorry, I got a little excited there. With the floody beam profile, the PT60 will illuminate a large area out to 415 meters. The PT60 is also USB rechargeable by up to three micro USB cables for faster charging, and it can be used as a 13600 mAh power bank to charge your devices.

Olight X7 Marauder

Olight X7 Marauder: $199 – $289

The Olight X7 Marauder is another absolute beast of a flashlight. The X7 uses three XHP70 LEDs to hit 9000 lumens in Turbo S. The X7 is available in both cool white and neutral white versions, and is available in both kit versions (with batteries and a charger) and non-kit versions.

R50 Copper

Olight R50 Pro and R50 Copper: $139.95 – $159.95

The Olight R50 recently received a couple of awesome facelifts. The first was the R50 Copper, which is a solid copper version of the original R50 flashlight. If you like copper as much as we do, you’ll love this light. It’s out biggest raw copper light to date. The second new version of the R50 came with the Olight R50 Pro. The R50 Pro is rechargeable through a magnetic USB that attaches to tail cap, or a mountable quick-charging R-Dock in the Law Enforcement model. Both R50 Pro configurations have a boosted output of 3200 lumens.

Jetbeam TCE-1

JETBeam TCE-1: $100 (on sale)

If good looks is what you’re looking for in a flashlight, you can’t do much better than the JETbeam TCE-1. This titanium bodied CR123 flashlight would look good in any pocket. Just because JETBeam spent a lot on the hosing, that doesn’t mean that the light itself is a slouch. That single CR123 battery still drives the TCE-1 to a maximum output of 600 lumens.