I’ve professed my love for the Zebralight products many times before, so when the company announced the SC60 a while back, I was pumped. The SC60 is a bit larger than the other lights in the product line, but still way on the compact side compared to almost everything else on the market, especially other lights that take 18650 batteries. Speaking of the 18650, the SC60 is made to take only an 18650. Usually lights in this size range will take either an 18650 or two CR123s, but Zebralight loves to make their lights as high performing and efficient as possible, so they had to restrict the battery options. Luckily, 18650 batteries give you awesome battery life and about 300 lumens on high, so the battery is not really a drawback unless you just really hate charging stuff.

Words are hard, so here is less reading, more watching: