The Zebralight SC51 is a crazy little light. Those of you that know me or have ever heard me talk about my favorite lights know that I always have a Zebralight SC30 sitting in my pocket. The SC30 uses a single CR123 light for around 200 lumens out the front of the light. It has the best interface I have ever found in a general use light, giving you instant access to all three modes without having to cycle through any others to get to them. The switch is on the side of the light, which cuts down the size of the light by quite a bit and at the same time puts the switch in a spot that is great for a non-tactical hold on it.

Why am I babbling about the SC30 when this post is about the SC51? Well, the SC51 has the same interface, same features, and even the same output as the SC30, but uses a AA battery instead of a CR123. Usually, you have to use a lithium ion 14500 to approach the output of a CR123, but Zebralight has designed a ridiculously efficient and powerful circuit for the SC51 that gives you 200 lumens using a regular alkaline or NiMh battery. In fact, they made the performance with a 14500 worse that what you get with the other battery options.

I’ll put away my Zebralight crush now. Here’s a video: