Our website is finally almost ready to open for business after way too many months of delays. Test orders are going through from end to end tomorrow, so if that goes well, you might be able to start ordering cheap outdoor gear from us this week. We are headed to EORA next week, and the website will for sure be up and running by then. By the way, if anyone wants me to take pictures or get information on specific products at EORA, let me know.

For the site, think Sierra Trading Post, but with a prettier website and hopefully not as many hideous outerwear colors. We are thinking about going for the Moosejaw angle with silly pages and quotes, but with customer service that more accurately reflects our 100% positive ebay feedback. One thing that we really want to do is have a page where people send in photos of them and their dogs outside. Sadly, it might be a while until we have a glossy catalog full of ski babes.

Anyway, we will have several specials running at all times, and everything will always be on sale. If we have to keep an item at full price due to a vendor agreement, then we will throw in some free crap to MAKE it on sale.

I’ll let you guys know when it is actually ready to go. We don’t have a ton of stuff in the website inventory right now, but it is all nice (Patagonia, Timbuk2, Nalgene, Wigwam, TNF, Mammut, etc.) and below retail. Expect the inventory to grow at an exponential rate in the next few months. I am really excited about the site’s potential, so you’ll probably hear about it a lot from me.

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