Known for making the toughest and most reliable flashlights in the world, Surefire could very well be considered a household name for those in the flashlight world. With their most recent release, the Surefire P2X Fury meets the standards of its predecessors, but is the first of its kind from the manufacturer to produce 500 lumens from a compact light. About the same size as the G2X and 6PX, the Fury comes with a micro-grooved orange peel reflector, giving the beam a great amount of throw while introducing a fair amount of flood for illuminating larger areas. The light comes with two modes: a 15 lumen low output comes on first to give the user a great light for any night searching that will not damage nightvision, and a 500 lumen high mode for those that need to light targets from far away. As per all Surefire lights, the Fury uses two CR123 primaries to power the flashlight.