A relatively new company for us, Niteye has a versatile and very useful line up of flashlights. From its EDC size EYE10 to its larger search lights, it looks to be a very promising brand. One of the best looking search lights, however, has to be the Niteye EYE30: a 2000 lumen, triple XM-L LED that’s almost the same size as a soda can. The EYE30 uses 4 x 18650’s, and has a fantastic and simple ramping ring that includes four standard modes, and a strobe and cruise warning mode. Unlike some of the other lights in the compact thrower category, the EYE30 has the ability to charge its batteries via plug-in on the side of the light. The light does include a screw-in carrying handle that allows an alternative carry style, or can act as a knuckle guard.