The Surefire M3LT-S is one of Surefire’s brightest lights, and definitely one of the best throwers out right now.

The video below features the 400 lumen version, but we no longer sell that particular light. The newer version that we do stock is rated at 800 lumens, so it is twice as bright as its predecessor. The “S” on the end of the name lets you know that this version has the strobe feature. The M3LT utilizes Surefire’s TIR (total internal reflection) lens giving it a very high quality and concentrated beam. The TIR reflector allows the beam to stay focused enough to be usable at 100 yards and beyond. The M3LT is powered by 3 CR123 primary batteries, allowing you almost 2 hours of run time on max brightness.

While it isn’t something you’d want in your pocket all day, the M3LT is definitely a useful light. If you’re out and about during the night very often you’d be glad to have this flashlight with you; darkness fears the M3LT!