The Blade Show is the largest knife show in the world and it happens every year here in Atlanta, about four miles from our store. The show is held at the Cobb Galleria center and the dates for this year are June 9-12.

Last year was a lot of fun with the one booth that we had, but completely overwhelming. Since I am a sucker for punishment, I signed up for three booths this year. Luckily, I have plenty of help this time in the form of employees, friends, and family.

We have not been a Benchmade dealer for very long, but being the only Premium Plus dealer in the area and one of the few in the region, we were fortunate enough to be asked to be their official dealer for the show. If you have never been to Blade, Benchmade has a nice spot by the entrance with their official dealer on the right side of their area.

About a week after hearing about Benchmade, Maxpedition asked us to represent them as well, but they wanted four booths instead of the one that Benchmade had. Like I said, I’m a sucker for punishment, so I immediately said yes.

That makes a total of eight booths when I had one last year and barely had time to think, so I figured that was a good stopping point. I am also working with Boker and will have a huge selection of their items, but those will be in the main booth.

So, if you are going to Blade, you will have ample opportunity to have us show you flashlights, knives, packs, and all the other stuff we have at the show. If that isn’t enough, our retail store with 3000+ items is only four miles away.

I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for you guys to give me money.

Our locations:

Main Going Gear Booth: 331 (front left)
Maxpedition: 332 (off the corner of 331)
Benchmade: 1 (near the entrance)

We’ll have maps and directions to the store at the main booth, but we would be more than happy to see you before, after, or during the show. Pretty much everything will still be at the store during the show, unless we are running really low on something. The only exception is Maxpedition, since we plan on taking our entire inventory to the show.