Surefire Lights and Pens in Stock

surefirelx2-ha-whOne of the big benefits of having a retail store is that we can pick up some premium brands that were previously unavailable to us. You have already seen me mention a few of them, but the big one we have been waiting for was Surefire.

We picked up about 25 of their items to start out with, including flashlights (of course), batteries, headlamps, and pens. Yes, Surefire makes pens, and some awfully nice ones at that. We plan on carrying their entire line before the end of the summer, including their knives, so just drop me a line through the store or comments if you have any questions or want something that we do not stock quite yet.

Surefire has been busy updating their line with new lights and new LEDs to make their existing lights brighter and more powerful. My personal favorite that they have right now is the LX2.  It has a two stage switch, so you press softly for the low level and a little harder for the high level. The high level is right at 200 lumens. Considering that Surefire measures their lumens by doing something like leaving the light running for 10 minutes and then measuring the brightness at a meter away, 200 lumens is quite bright. Most companies use the theoretical lumens that are coming out of the LED based on the current and voltage going to it, so take that into consideration when you start thinking that 200 lumens is low compared to some of the other lights we offer.

I’m working on videos for all of the new lights and hope to have them up in the next few days. Keep an eye on the blog and youtube page for updates.