SnugPak Sleeping Bags and Packs

snugpakmerlin_redI’m trying to beef up my selection of items to the point where you can buy everything in the store that you would need on a camping trip other than apparel, and sleeping bags were a big hole in my product selection. A huge shipment of Snugpak products just came in to fill that hole.

For those of you not familiar with Snugpak, they are an English brand known for making roomy and comfortable synthetic sleeping bags that can still pack down to a tiny size. We have a healthy selection of their warm weather (32 F+) bags and will pick up some of the colder weather bags in the coming months for those of you that live in a climate where it actually gets below 32 F. Living in Georgia, I forget that other people actually remember what snow looks like.

They also make some cool packs, and we picked up a few of them to gauge interest. As with anything else we sell, if there is something from them that you want that we do not stock, just let me know and I will get it.