Winding up on the final installment of the Sunwayman flashlight review marathon, the V10A, V20A, and V10R have all been upgraded to a new LED from the XP-G to the very powerful XM-L T6. By doing so, the V series of lights are now much brighter and have a larger flood beam for those that need a well-lit area. The lumen ratings are very impressive for these new lights: the V10A now produces 110 lumens from a single AA battery, and the V20A has a lumen rating of 160 with two AA batteries. But the V10R is the most impressive: it is able to produce 160 lumens from a CR123 primary battery, but when using a RCR123, the lumen rating is bumped to a staggering 460 lumens! This is a borderline pocket thrower that is combined with Sunwayman’s smooth and innovative ramping magnetic ring that allows customization of the light output. The V series of lights is probably one of the most popular in the flashlight world for EDC carry, and with the upgraded XM-L LED, it’s easy to see why they are.