It seems like it has been the year of the XM-L LED upgrade for most EDC lights, as people are looking for a light that can produce a great amount of light, pack a considerable amount of lumens, and be able to fit into smaller places like a pocket or bag. Therefore, Sunwayman has introduced the M10A, M20A, and M10R with an upgraded XM-L T6 LED. Compared to an XP-G R5 or S2, the XM-L LED in the M series lights produces a higher lumen count while being more efficient with energy consumption than its predecessors (however, due to its larger size, the XM-L is a better flood light than throw). This great upgrade allows the user to illuminate a larger area than the R5 or S2 would be able to do, yet keeping the cost of the light from increasing. With the LED upgrade aside, the M series still holds true to its previous interface (magnetic ring control) makes the lights easy to use and a better choice for those that require a large scale custom setting tool when it comes to light output. Just like the series you’ve known and loved before, the new XM-L version M series is more powerful and more efficient than the XP-G models and at a great value.