The Spark ST6-280OW and ST6-360CW don’t differ all that much from Spark’s other headlamps in operation or functionality. The difference in these two lights is the power source and max output.

The 280OW and 360CW are both powered by an 18650 rechargeable lithium battery which provides a higher max output and longer run times while having virtually the same internals. Both lights still use the CREE XP-G LED and the same user interface as all of the other Spark headlamps. The 280OW has a high CRI LED which provides higher color fidelity than the cool white version, but it does sacrifice some output. The 360CW (cool white) maxes out at 360 lumens while the 280OW (neutral white) maxes out at 280 lumens. Both versions come with an optional frosted lens which will change the beam from predominantly throw to flood.

Spark makes some very high quality items for a very modest price. These headlamps are becoming popular for a reason!