Spark is known for making very high quality headlamps and they are now entering the world of high end flashlights. Their headlamps have become popular because they are high quality, reliable, and most of all affordable. Spark makes headlamps that rival the big names at over half the cost in some instances. The ST5-180OW and ST5-210CW are no exception to the aforementioned rule.

The ST5 series of headlamps run off of a single AA battery which pushes a CREE XP-G LED.  The 180OW maxes out at 180 lumens as the name suggests, and the 210CW maxes out at 210 lumens. Both torches produce more than enough light to get just about any job done. The 180OW has slightly decreased output due to the neutral white tint of its LED. The neutral white tint gives higher color fidelity than the cool white LEDs, but it is at the cost of some output.

Check out the video below to get a good idea of the differences between the two LEDs. The difference in output between the two isn’t huge, but it is noticeable in some situations. What it noticeable pretty much all of the time is the difference between neutral and cool white. Luckily we make videos to help you decide!