The Olight MPG Holiday Set is the second of Olight’s two holiday sets for this year. The MPG is the bigger of the two, with a crapload of lights and accessories. It has three flashlights (M20S, TC15 SS, A3 titanium), all with the CREE XP-G S2 LED. The accessories include a bunch of filters and diffusers, a mount, a remote pressure switch, and a few other odds and ends. Everything is packaged in a nice looking gift box and gift bag that make it ready to hand off to the recipient.

The M20S is one of my favorite lights with dual switches that give you fast, one handed access to the three outputs and strobe. The TC15 SS is a stainless steel light that has a nice hefty feel to it and a few useful modes. The A3 titanium is a titanium body version of the Olight’s sister company iTP’s A3, our best selling light for over a year.

Everything combined makes a great set for pretty much any kind of use. You have multiple outputs and distances, filters for low light, pocket carry, weapon mounting options, and quite a few other features and options. If you can’t light up the world around you with all this stuff, then maybe you should stick to daylight.