The Fenix HP10 headlamp Fenix’s first attempt at making a headlamp, and it was better than what many seasoned headlamp makers have been crapping out for years. It has fantastic max output at 225 lumens, insane runtime on low at 210 hours (regulated, constant output), a comfortable design, dual switches for fast mode changing, and easy to find AA batteries for power. An optional diffuser, the AD401, can be added to give you a more diffuse beam instead of the default concentrated output.

If you have never used one of the headlamps with a battery pack in the back, they can be surprisingly comfortable. The weight of the batteries balances out the weight of the lighting module in the front fairly well, and the top strap that goes over your head helps hold it all in place. Headlamps keep your hands free, which is nice when you need to grab stuff or pick your nose and scratch your butt at the same time.