In the second installment on the bike light trilogy, the Niteye B20 bicycle light is the B10, but double the LEDs and double the lumen output. By increasing the output to 1200 lumens, and distributing it between two CREE XM-L LEDs, the B20 is able to create a larger area of flood, which is perfect for mountain bikes that need to navigate quick turns and any possible surprises that cannot be seen outside of their peripheral vision. This medium-sized bike light has the same battery set up as the other B series Niteye bike lights, which allows the light to have an incredibly long run time thanks to its four 18650 cell battery pack. The mount of the light allows the B20 to be attached to the handle bars of the bicycle, or to any other surface if necessary. The pressure switch is used to cycle through the modes of the B20, making it simple and easy to use during any bike ride.