After many requests, we have finally decided to expand our light selection to start carrying illumination tools for cyclists. Better known as bike lights, the ability to mount a light source to the handlebars of a bicycle can really extend any expedition well into the night and early morning. Being easy to use and durable to handle any kind of accidents is necessary, which is why we have picked up the Niteye B10, B20, and B30 bicycle lights.

Starting with the review of the smallest of three lights, the single XM-L LED Niteye B10 packs a great amount of light into such a tiny body. The light produces a turbo output of 600 lumens that has multiple modes that can easily be accessed through its pressure switch. By using four rechargeable 18650 batteries, the run time of the B10 is almost double of a traditional flashlight, making it a perfect choice for those long hauls into the night. The light can easily be mounted to any handlebar with the light’s ultra sturdy mount, which will hold the light snugly to the bike to prevent any movement or slips.

For a compact bike light, it’s tough to match the B10’s durability and superior runtime, not to mention how little room is necessary to use it.