The third installment of Nitecore’s infamous (at least to us flashlight fanatics) Tiny Monster line is the latest and definitely the greatest piece of technology has been released, and this light – known as the Nitecore TM26 – is a remarkable torch. Using four CREE XM-L U2 LED’s, the Tiny Monster Quad Ray boasts an incredible 3500 ANSI lumens that has a fantastic flood with a substantial amount of throw.

There are a couple of features that make this light stand out from its competition: the built-in charging port makes it easier to manage the 18650’s in the light without having to purchase an external charger, or going through the hassle of constantly taking the batteries out of the light to charge them. However, the most unique feature on this torch is actually its LED display. That’s right, there is a small LED display on the head of the light that displays the lumen output per mode, the remaining voltage per batteries, the charging capacity of the batteries, and also shows the temperature ratings as well.

For such a small light to have this much power and the unique characteristics, this Nitecore TM26 stands among the rest with its advanced LED display and incredible output.