As of recently, it seems that this is the season of the flashlight companies to release their biggest and baddest flashlights. With Nitecore unveiling its TM26 Quad Ray and MH40, JETBeam releasing the DDR30, and Blackshadow (the underdog that is rising quickly in the ranks) producing the Terminator, it was only natural for the boys and girls of Fenix to show of their new powerhouse: the TK75.

Hosting three CREE XM-L U2 LED’s in the deep reflector, this light can push up to 2600 ANSI lumens. Using the deep reflector for the three XM-L’s allows the beam of the light to be more concentrated than others, which helps boost the throw distance of the light, while maintaining a fantastic flood beam as well.

The interface of the TK75 is perfectly tuned for any flashlight user with the two button layout on the side of the light. The first button is used to turn the light on and off, while the second button allows the user to quickly access the other modes on the light, leaving out the annoyance of twisting the head, or trying to access secret features from a one button switch.

One thing that definitely gives this light a competitive advantage over the other lights is the optional battery extender. Attaching the extender to the light will not only give the user a good defense mechanism (kidding), but will also increase the run time, which is incredibly helpful for long periods of use.