This review brings light to a new product directly from Jetbeam’s sister company Nitecore: the T0. The Nitecore T0 is a nifty kechain light that has a high quality build with an inexpensive price, this light is very unique for its class thanks to its titanium alloy bezel, which is a great form of lens protection and can help the user find the light if it may have been dropped or misplaced (it’s happened to me before, trust me). While the light does not come with any accessories to use with the light, the light itself comes in multiple color selections (black, blue, purple, gold, and green) which allow for an easy color choice if there’s a particular one that the user may prefer. The light is a simple single mode light that performs with a AAA battery and has a high output of 12 lumens for an impressive run time of 21 hours, so it will come in handy for any situation where any type of light is required.