The engineers at Klarus were very innovative with the design of the XT10 and XT11 flashlights for tactical purposes, and they got a great response from the users saying that it was a great light for their tactical or home needs, but were a bit bulky for EDC due to their proportions. In response, Klarus released the all new XT series (XT1A, XT2A, XT1C, XT2C), a set of slimmer and smaller lights than the XT10 and XT11 that still use the dual tail switch integration. Just like the P series, the XT series lights are named based on their cell capacity, so it makes it easier to choose which light is more necessary or practical than others. All of the lights do come with the standard high mode output when turned on, and can cycle through the different modes by pressing the tail switch. To access strobe, hold down the second switch while the light is on, and can be accessed for temporary use while the light is off by simply pressing the secondary switch while the light is off.