Marshall is our fearless leader here at Going Gear. He started Going Gear as an online only business run out of his house in 2008 while he was working for another company.  In the beginning, all he sold were blank firesteel rods. He quickly expanded to paracord, waterproof capsules, and flashlights, selling online and at gun shows in the southeast with the help of his lovely wife.  Before too long, he knew the business needed his full attention and needed to move out of his house for the sake of his marriage and sanity.

In 2010, Marshall opened up the first retail location of Going Gear in Smyrna, Georgia off of South Cobb Drive. The physical location allowed Going Gear to pick up premium outdoor brands. That location was a great stepping stone into the world of outdoor retail, and ultimately led us to our current location on Concord Road, where we have been since 2013.

A long-time lover of the outdoors, Marshall has been camping, hiking, and fishing with his family since he was a toddler. Over the years he has picked up a great deal of knowledge on the outdoors, survival, fire starting, and the necessity of being prepared. Now he enjoys spending the weekends outside with his wife and two kids, passing on that knowledge and enjoying the outdoors.

Marshall is also an absolute gear junkie and flashlight enthusiast. You’d be hard pressed to find him without at least one flashlight and knife on him or ask him a flashlight question that he couldn’t answer. He’s also our gear reviewer, so all of those great videos you see over on the Going Gear Youtube Channel, those are all him.

Most recently, Marshall has grown a pretty sweet beard and become our resident Pokemon Go expert. You may find him wandering around outside seemingly aimlessly with his phone in front of his face. If you do, don’t hesitate to stop him and say hello!