Jesse Coffman is another person leading the charge here at Going Gear. As General Manager, it’s Jesse’s job to oversee pretty much everything in the store and in our online business. It’s a daunting task to manage all of that and the raucous crew we’ve got here (more on that as we continue our Meet the Staff series), and he does a fantastic job. Jesse has been at the helm here for over a year now.

Jesse grew up in the Atlanta area and spent his formative years camping, fishing, and hiking in North Georgia. When he’s not at work, he still retreats to the mountains with his wife and rescued pit bull, Kobe. If he’s not hiking you can probably find him shooting or just relaxing with a local craft brew. Recently Jesse was fortunate enough to travel to Lakewood, Colorado to so some hiking and sightseeing in the Rockies.

Jesse is definitely one of our in house knife experts. He’s probably owned every knife in the shop at one point or another. If you’re looking for a particular knife, and wan’t to talk to someone that has experience with it, Jesse’s name should be on the top of your list. He can be easily spotted by his Spartan beard (he also incidentally is an avid competitor in Spartan Races) and his affinity for wearing Keen Uneeks, what might be the most comfortable shoe on the market if you can get past the looks. He’s also a hammock aficionado. If you happen to follow us on Instagram, he’s always the guy you’ll see in our hammock photos.

Once upon a time, Jesse also competed in an underground rap battle — a story I cant get into here, but make sure you ask him about it when you see him in the shop!