The JETBeam RRT-3 is a high output flashlight with a lot of throw and a clever user interface.

JETBeam put an SST-50 LED in the RRT-3, which pushes out 1200 lumens on max brightness using either 6 CR123s or 3 18650s. Thanks to the large heatsink, the RRT-3 will run for a full hour on the highest output setting. The lightly orange peeled reflector provides and very clean beam with tons of throw. The RRT-3 doesn’t even break a sweat when lighting objects at 100 – 200 yards, even on the lower settings. Instead of having to press a button to daisy chain through output modes, the RRT-3 uses a rapid response ring which provides seamless transition between brightness modes.

For a limited time, when you purchase the RRT-3 you will also get 3 18650 rechargeable batteries and a charger for free. This deal won’t last forever, so jump on it while you can.