As you can see from the extra long title, this review covers the satin limited edition version of the Quark 123 turbo. This light was very similar to the regular production Quark 123 turbo, but it did have a few keys differences.

Most noticeably, the finish is different. 4Sevens gave this light a very attractive satin finish on the already good looking titanium. A little less noticeable is the emitter. Instead of the regular R5 LED, the satin Quark had the fairly rare S3 LED. In practical use the different LED might not make a huge difference in brightness, but the rarity of the emitter makes it highly sought after to enthusiasts. The user interface is the same as the regular production models of the Quark 123 turbo; no big change there. Overall it is the little details that set this limited edition version apart from the production model.

Unfortunately, this light has been sold out for a while now. 4Sevens limited edition lights usually go pretty quickly, but there is always the chance that they may decide to do another run. The production model is in stock at our store if you decide you can’t live without one after you watch the video.