The JetBeam BC40 is a light that brings high performance at a modest price. The BC40 isn’t the brightest flashlight out there, but it brings an incredible amount of lumens at an even better price.

The BC40 uses the CREE XM-L LED and four CR123 lithium batteries to pump out 830 lumens on the highest setting. The BC40 brings you super high output at well under 100 dollars, and there are very few lights that can deliver than kind of performance at any price range. The performance to cost ratio of the BC40 is quite possibly the highest of any torch on the market today. For that fact alone, the BC40 is a wildly popular light. The modest price does not mean you take a hit on quality, as the BC40 exhibits the same quality in manufacturing that all JetBeams lights have.

Very few lights can even come close to the BC40 in terms of output and price, so if you’re looking to get into the world of high output flashlights while not breaking the bank then the BC40 is definitely the right choice for you.