The EagleTac M3C4 is a very high output light that is fit into an incredibly compact body. Since there are many different preferences for output and LED choice, the M3C4 comes in three different variations to suit almost any desire.

The inner workings of all M3C4’s are exactly the same. The difference is the actual head of the flashlight which contains the LED and circuitry. The actual user interface for all three lights is exactly the same also. The highest output version uses triple CREE XM-L LEDs.  The mid range version utilizes triple CREE XP-G LEDs. The lowest output version uses a single CREE XM-L LED. Make no mistake, all three versions of the light are extremely bright and have high quality beam patterns.

If you’re looking for a super high output light that gives you choices when it comes to the hardware, beam, and output then the M3C4 is definitely your light!