The HDS Rotary R1 is one of those lights that is perfect for every day carry. There are two versions of this light, the R1S and R1B. The only differences between the two are the bezel on the front and the shape of the end cap. The “S” version denotes a silver bezel and an end cap that will tail stand, the “B” version denotes a black bezel and a tactical end cap that will not tail stand.

The Rotary R1 puts out 200 lumens using 1 CR123 lithium primary battery. 200 lumens is a LOT of light for such a diminutive torch. The feature that makes the R1 really shine is the rotary ring. This adjustable ring allows the user to choose .03 lumens, 200 lumens, and anywhere in between. No longer will you have to stick with preset brightnesses that may be too bright or too dim for the task at hand. Using the rotary ring you can instantly choose the exact amount of brightness you desire. This model is popular for a reason!

If you’re the type of person that has to see things in action before you can decide then look below. We made it easy for you!