The Fenix TK41 is truly a unique piece in the world of high performance flashlights.

The TK41 is a very high output torch topping out at 800 lumens on max brightness. What makes the TK41 so unique is the hardware that it uses to give you those 800 lumens. The TK41 uses the new CREE XM-L LED, which is a larger emitter that allows a higher volume of light to be produced. Where the TK41 differs from most is in the power source. Instead of using lithium batteries such as the CR123, the TK41 utilizes the standard AA battery. Using the cheap and ubiquitous AA battery means that when it’s time to replace the batteries, you won’t have to hunt for expensive and sometimes hard to find lithium cells.

The Tk41 sets the bar for AA performance lights. It may hard to understand how a light can produce 800 lumens using the regular old AA cell, but we attached a video below for proof!