The Fenix Tk21 is a great every day carry light that has tons of output. Most EDC lights top out in the 200 lumen range, but the Tk21 has a max output of 468 lumens. Needless to say the TK21 does not have many competitors in its price range.

The Tk21 is similar to a lot of other lights in its class in that it uses 2 CR123 lithium batteries, or one 18650 rechargeable. What makes the TK21 special is that is has such high output in a relatively small and affordable package. Most torches which are similar in output to the Tk21 cost twice as much, and are normally larger also.

Fenix has a pretty unique line up of lights, and the Tk21 is no exception. Very few lights in the same price range can even come close to the Tk21, which makes it one of the more popular lights that we stock