Butane Lighters

I received some samples of butane lighters along with the recent bottle lighter order. Butane lighters are nice to have thanks to their high flame temperature and ease of use, so they make a nice complement to a bottle lighter or other flame source. I was looking for something small, simple, and high quality, so I asked for about 10 different lighter samples to see what kind of butane lighter would be best. The company makes some surprisingly high quality products, especially considering how cheap they are compared to most metal refillable butane lighters.

Here is what came in, along with a AA battery for size comparison:



Some are all metal, some are mostly plastic, and some are a mix between metal and plastic. All of them have great finish quality and work well in my tests. The ones I am thinking about ordering are the second from the right in the top row and the middle three on the bottom row.

The two slim ones are about as slim and sleek of a butane lighter as I have seen, and are made out of a good looking metal. The black and silver one is the lightest out of the bunch, and the other one is a nice little compact lighter. I wish I could order more than two or three, but the minimum order quantities are 500 for each lighter or 1000 each if I want a logo on there. What do you guys think?

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