Bottle Capsule Lighters finally here, Fatwood too

The bottle capsule lighters I ordered last month finally made it here from China! I have them in chrome and green. The butane lighter samples came in with the bottle lighters, but I’ll talk about those in a separate post.

I picked up some 1/2 lb bags of Fatwood as well. I have the dealer information for Fatwood (the brand), so I should have fatwood in several different package sizes in the next couple of weeks. I am thinking 4 piece poly bags, 1.5 lb boxes, 3 lb boxes, and 10 lb boxes for now. The minimum order is 500 lbs, so I am going to have an awful lot of fatwood! 🙂

I’ll have some fire starting kits up as soon as I can find a good container for the kit. There is also a HUGE (~8000 pieces) order coming from China in the next month, with aluminum carabiners, waterproof capsules, tent stakes, whistles, and match cases, all priced dirt cheap. I am working on an order with Ultimate Survival (Blastmatch, StrikeForce, WetFire, etc.) and will be a dealer for their products in the next couple of weeks. More is on the way, so I’ll let you know when stuff starts coming in!

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