Auctionwatch 2007-11-14 – Arc’Teryx, Cloudveil, Marmot

I get a lot of questions from you guys and other people about what The Gear Revival is or will be auctioning, so I am going to do a weekly post about what is up there and will be up there for the coming weeks.

Sunday and Monday night saw the entire Fall 2007 line of Cloudveil go live. I pimp them a lot, but that is because the Cloudveil stuff is awesome. I am converting into a big fan of their designs, and they use some great fabrics (I love anyone who uses the Schoeller stuff). Their workmanship is top-notch too. OK, OK, the entire line except what I took for myself went live. 🙂

Yesterday and today saw around 100 pieces of Fall 2007 Arc’Teryx go live. This stuff is all brand new, and there is some hot shit in there. Lot of Pro Shell, Gore Soft Shell, some Merino, and everything else. All the Arc that started tonight had a starting bid of $9.99. I’m sure it won’t end even remotely close to that, but I’ll let you get your hopes up at least a little bit.

Tomorrow I am going to go through the warehouse and pull all of the best Marmot stuff we have. We have piles of down, Gore, soft-shell, and tons of other stuff that will go live either tomorrow or Sunday night. There is some decent TNF ski stuff that will go up in the next few days as well. There are about a hundred pieces of Icebreaker that will go live either night as well. We received around 350 pairs of Sorel boots (all men’s 9, women’s 7, and youth 1 or 12) yesterday that will hopefully go live in the next week. If they don’t, I think the rest of the guys there might kill me since we have no room to work because of the damn things.

If anyone is looking for any type of item in particular, send me a PM or reply to this. I’ll do what I can to scare it up and get as many as we have up for auction. Guys technical stuff tends to go for pretty high prices, but you ladies can get some crazy deals, as Cat found out with her recent Alpha LT Pro Shell Pants purchase.

If any of you win any of the auctions, just let me know. I’ll have the shipping guys throw in a free smiley face sticker or something.